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Unique, Secure, Covert and Robust DNA based marking system
SeekerDNA is a covert forensic level DNA based marking system. It is a totally secure product which allows for unequivocal and guaranteed identification of the origin of the material.
SeekerDNA, by its design is completely secure, non-toxic and environmentally safe, whilst being extremely robust, stable and permanent in an extensive range of applications.
SeekerDNA is available with an unlimited number of unique DNA codes giving it an unequivocal coding capacity.
The SeekerDNA solution is made up of 4 controlled areas: Design, Production, Recovery and Identification. The design of a SeekerDNA code always comprises two primer sequences (keys) whose identity must be known before identification can be ascertained, and this information is uniquely available to SeekerDNA from the UK manufacturer of the products.
The SeekerDNA detection system uses well proven and patented technologies that allow for identification of DNA codes from very small levels of tracer. This allows for extremely low concentrations in the original marking (less than parts per million). This makes SeekerDNA a truly effective solution at a very cost effective price.
What is Synthetic DNA?
DNA is deoxyribonucleic acid: It is the nucleic acid that performs the task of coding the genetic material which determines the makeup of all living cells. It consists of two long strands of nucleotides which link together in a structure resembling a ladder twisted into a spiral. This sort of DNA can run into many thousand or even hundreds of thousand of base pairs on each strand. The DNA that SeekerDNA utilises is of a very short chain design and single stranded, increasing the chemical strength and is therefore more resistant to attack by chemical removal, UV, sheer pressure and enzyme activity.
Synthetic DNA, is real DNA, the sequence or code of which, has been produced in a laboratory.
SeekerDNA is synthetically generated within ISO accredited facilities and is not obtained from bacteria or animal sources, therefore has no contamination risks in forensic analysis.
The DNA marker can be incorporated into the marking system at manufacture. The synthetic DNA can be extracted from marked items, before being copied or "amplified". DNA amplification is a widely used and accepted technique during which many copies of the DNA of interest are made, resulting in sufficient DNA to analyse.
The Complete Approach
Prior to deciding on any solution, it is crucial to analyse and understand all relevant aspects of the client’s challenges and problems. Through close collaboration with our clients, and by utilizing our unique experience and competence, we are able to recommend the best approach to meet our client’s needs.
SeekerDNA provides a range of tailor made solutions to suit individual customer’s requirements in a cost effective manner.
We work closely with our clients to identify vulnerabilities through their entire value chain. Our solutions coupled with our effective implementation and client policies and procedures ensure that the system is fully utilised, effectively implemented and tailored to the client’s exact needs.
Using proven asset marking protocols, SeekerDNA ensures that stolen assets are identifiable assisting in conviction and a reduction in crime.
SeekerDNA will work with you on a complete approach from situation analysis, technology selection, training and implementation.
How does it work?
SeekerDNA uses synthetic DNA products. Each product contains a unique DNA code that is linked to the client in our secure database.  When applied to the client’s assets or goods, it puts a permanent identity mark on each valuable asset.
As with human DNA, SeekerDNA is transferable from marked assets to criminals. This forms a critical part of the chain of evidence leading to identification and conviction.
Primary security applications
With the high incidence of both organized and opportunistic crime in South Africa, SeekerDNA has identified specific areas where the SeekerDNA solution can be extremely valuable to clients.
These include but are not limited to:
- Metal and cable theft
- Inventory and parts theft
- Asset tracking
- Fuel theft
- Counterfeit & brand protection
- Art and other high value assets
The base compound is extremely flexible and can be blended with a multiple of carriers to suit a client’s specific requirements.
This is underpinned by a secure database recording each client’s unique DNA number linked to the assets that have been marked for identification and verification.

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