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Prior to deciding on any solution, it is crucial to analyse and understand all relevant aspects of the client’s challenges and problems. Through close collaboration with our clients, and by utilizing our unique experience and competence, we are able to recommend the best approach to meet our client’s needs.
SeekerDNA provides a range of tailor made solutions to suit individual customer’s requirements in a cost effective manner.
We work closely with our clients to identify vulnerabilities through their entire value chain. Our solutions coupled with our effective implementation and client policies and procedures, ensure that the system is fully utilised, effectively implemented and tailored to the client’s exact needs.
Using proven asset marking protocols, SeekerDNA ensures that stolen assets are identifiable assisting in conviction and a reduction in crime.
SeekerDNA works with clients on a complete approach from situation analysis through to technology selection, training, implementation and post-implementation review.
We offer a full range of services to enable you to implement your solution
Risk Assessment
Our consultants will discuss the issues that you are faced with and identify the areas of risk.
We will do a discreet on site inspection and evaluation to gain an in depth understanding of the environment, logistics and business processes.
A confidential report will be compiled and a suitable solution(s) will be proposed.
Solution Design
The input from the risk assessment provides invaluable data for the final solution design. A solution may consist of technology components, logistics and business process changes.
Implementation Services
To ensure the best possible success of a SeekerDNA solution we recommend that accredited SeekerDNA partners are used. These services range from Project Management, Asset Recording to Employee training.
Post Implementation Audit
The problems that you are experiencing may manifest in another form given the circumstances that SeekerDNA is deployed in. We recommend that we review the systems put in place on a regular basis. This allows the SeekerDNA solution become even more difficult to circumvent.
Contact us now so that we can discuss any issues that you need addressed.


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